We are the champions of progress,
the advocates of personal growth,
and the catalysts for change.

In our pursuit of excellence and self-realization, we challenge the status quo, carving new pathways to well-being and encouraging others to follow suit.

Community Resources & Wellness Center

The Baltic Street Resource and Wellness Center is not merely an institution but a crucible of transformation, a sanctuary for the human spirit. Here, we stand as beacons of light, champions of community inclusion, and advocates for the power of natural support and normalized roles. Our passion burns like a blazing torch, igniting the path to a balanced, wholehearted existence where life’s mental, physical, and spiritual aspects harmonize in perfect unity.

We are unsatisfied with the ordinary; an unquenchable thirst for excellence and self-realization drives us. We wield the peer-centered tools of transformation, embarking on a journey through the 8 Dimensions of Wellness, WRAP, Harm Reduction, and the principles of healthier eating and budgeting. But we continue; we introduce innovative, person-centered wellness concepts that empower our participants to chart their unique course to well-being.

At our core, we are fueled by an unrelenting passion to transcend the ordinary. We reject the mundane and the routine, steadfastly believing in the potential for greatness within every individual. It’s not enough for us to settle; we yearn for excellence, and we are on a ceaseless quest for self-realization.

Our canvas of healing extends far beyond the conventional. We embrace alternative practices, weaving the soothing tapestry of art, yoga, music, writing, and philosophy into the very fabric of our existence. We offer a symphony of Clubs – the Book, Poetry, Photography, and Gardening clubs – where passions are ignited, creativity flourishes, and camaraderie thrives.

But what truly sets us apart is the people who grace our halls, our Peer Resource team members. They bring the symphony of their gifts and talents, infusing our groups, workshops, and clubs with a kaleidoscope of skills and experiences. They are not just facilitators but the catalysts for inspiration, the architects of change, and the guardians of transformation.

Our journey is marked by the torchlight of peer-centered tools that we wield with vigor and dedication. We don’t merely skim the surface of transformation; we plunge headfirst into the depths of personal growth and wellness. The 8 Dimensions of Wellness, WRAP, Harm Reduction, and the fundamentals of healthier eating and budgeting are our guiding stars on this path of self-discovery and empowerment. We are:

  • The torchbearers of well-being.
  • The advocates of self-discovery.
  • The ambassadors of the community.

We forge a future where balance, inclusion, and pursuing one’s true self are ideals and a passionate reality.

Our History

  • Baltic Street Wellness Solutions opened the Community Resource & Wellness Center in 2010
  • The Center opened as a drop-in center offering person-centered recovery and holistic tools for healing, such as music, art, writing and poetry.
  • The Center was managed and operated by peer specialists willing to share their lived experiences.
  • The Center has worked to foster and build greater community understanding of those with mental health lived experience.
  • In 2018 the Center partnered with the NYC Mural Arts Project to create a community mural and panels for the Center to continue our community outreach. The mural was installed at PS 24 in 2019.
  • In 2019 the Center partnered with Brain Food Garden Project to offer nutrition-based workshops and to create an maintain a garden greenhouse.
  • In 2019 during a country wide shut down at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, the Center created well received online community programming and a warm line operating 5 days a week to continue to keep our community connected.
  • In 2019 the Center partnered with the Vet-to-Vet program to bring peer-based support to our veterans.
  • In 2020 the Center celebrated its 10th Anniversary. While the Center was still closed during the pandemic, we held online events including Open Mic Nights and an Open House.
  • In 2021 the Center partnered with Oscar Jiménez-Solomon from New York State Center of Excellence for Cultural Competence, New York State Psychiatric Institute, Columbia University Irving Medical Center to create the Financial Hope Support Group the pilot is scheduled to begin early 2022.

Our Location

Wellness & Resources Center in Brooklyn

Tel: 718-788-6100
Fax: 718-788-6110

Advocate For Change

We’re not merely an organization;
we stand as a beacon of hope in
the mental health landscape. At Baltic
Street, our unrelenting belief is that
life exists beyond the darkness, and
we’re dedicated to empowering individuals
with lived mental health experiences
to illuminate their own paths to recovery.