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Mission, Vision and Core Values

Baltic Street AEH is a peer-run agency that strives to empower each individual we serve to achieve their self-determined goals. Through direct services, referrals, and ongoing trauma-informed, person-centered support, certified peer professionals work with any adult New Yorker with a history of mental health diagnoses. Approaching our roles with cultural humility and mindfulness of oppressive systems, we use our own experience of surviving and thriving to help others attain their vision of wellness. Services include advocacy, employment, housing, education, bridger, geriatric and social supports. We actively welcome participants of any and all demographics and documentation status, and our services are free of charge.

COVID-19 Guidance

As an essential community healthcare provider, Baltic Street AEH, inc. is committed to ensuring the health and wellbeing of our staff and the participants we serve. In doing so, we will continue to monitor CDC Guidelines to help maintain a safe environment for your next visit.


Baltic Street Community Resource and Wellness Center Holding Virtual Groups and operating a Warmline! Our staff is incredible! Not even COVID-19 can stop us from helping others. Please visit our Resource and Wellness staff on their Facebook page to get information to register for upcoming groups. Whether using video chat options or just calling into a group, you can use today’s technology to connect with others virtually.


Baltic Street Remote Group Facebook Page Launched Baltic Street AEH has a Remote Groups Facebook Page and it is open to EVERYONE! Our staff is beyond incredible! We have also recently created a Baltic Street Facebook page for Remote Groups to join in on our upcoming groups. Whether video chat or a phone call, you can use today’s technology to connect with others virtually.

Madness: Heroes Returning from the Front Lines

An Unlikely Story of Respect, Empowerment, and Recovery. Instead of being defeated by madness, the Baltic Street Advocacy, Employment and Housing staff in New York City built an agency that understands how to help those diagnosed with mental illness. In Madness: Heroes Returning from the Front Lines, author Joanne L. Forbes shares the story of Baltic Street Aeh, one of the oldest and largest peer-run organizations in the United States-a unique agency whose success stems from knowing what it takes to come back from madness and how to show others the way. With more than forty years of experience in the mental health field, Forbes delivers a critical, yet sensitive, look into the psychiatric world through the eyes of those lured out of madness. The stories narrate how people escaped the cycle of repeated hospitalizations, lack of social support, poverty, stigma, and despair to build lasting relationships, homes, marriages, children, and contentment.

Our Team

Division Directors

Baltic Street AEH Inc.: A history of profound service in 1996, the work between peers and clinical staff of South Beach Psychiatric Center resulted in our first contract from the NYC Department of Mental Health, which identified us as an independent agency. Over years, we expanded from one program to 17 programs, and from one full-time and four part-time staff members to over 100 full-time, part-time, and trainee staff. We are now the largest peer agency in New York State. We provide housing, employment, training, entitlements, education, empowerment, and self-help skills, which are essential to an independent and meaningful life in the community.