Baltic Street serves as a
catalyst for change in the
mental health system.

Prioritizing peer-led services that recognizes the value of individuals with lived mental health experiences in shaping mental health policies and practices.

Advocacy & Self-Help Programs

In our steadfast commitment, Baltic Street recognizes that robust support and comprehensive information are vital in the recovery journey. We firmly believe that being genuinely seen and heard is the primal spark igniting profound healing. Our mission transcends boundaries, reaching out to every individual woven into the diverse tapestry of New York City’s five boroughs. Collaborating passionately with peer advocates who carry the deep scars and triumphant resilience of their lived experiences in mental health and substance use, we ensure that no one’s journey is overlooked.

The path to recovery is strewn with challenges, and we embrace the duty of confronting them head-on. Advocating for those entangled in financial struggles and housing crises, we navigate the labyrinth of entitlements, transforming Social Security, Medicaid, public assistance, and food stamp applications into beacons of hope and support. Employment and education stand as pillars for a brighter future, and we firmly provide support in these critical areas. Our peers, the torchbearers of hope, guide individuals toward their dreams and aspirations every step of the way. Our commitment extends further. We comprehend the unique challenges faced by those contending with Co-Occurring disorders or navigating the often-overlooked struggles of rural diagnoses. We confront the intersection of psychiatric and substance use challenges with relentless determination.

Our wellness and recovery groups serve as sanctuaries of solace, where individuals discover strength in unity and the support to overcome their battles. In a world valuing convenience and safety, Baltic Street adapts to the ever-evolving landscape.

Our online groups, workshops, and one-on-one meetings serve as accessible lifelines, transcending the barriers of physical distance. As public safety mandates allow, we stand ready to provide in-person services, extending our hands in tangible support.

At Baltic Street, we champion the power of communication and inclusivity. Our diverse staff speaks many languages, leaving no stone unturned to secure translators when needed. We firmly believe that everyone deserves access to the recovery journey, and we champion this principle without compromise. Together, we will break down the walls that hinder healing, and together, we will rise.

Our Locations

Brooklyn Peer Advocacy Center

Tel: 718-875-7744
Fax: 718-243-0763

Bronx Peer Advocacy Center

Tel: 718-562-6712/82
Fax: 718-562-6491

Staten Island Peer Advocacy Center

Tel: 718-442-6100
Fax: 718-442-6102

Brooklyn Self-Help

Tel: 718-875-7744
Fax: 718-243-0763

Manhattan West Self-Help

Tel: 212-961-8989/8967
Fax: 212-866-2760

Advocacy for Older Adults

Tel: 718-563-2808/07
Fax: 718 562-6491

Advocate For Change

We’re not merely an organization;
we stand as a beacon of hope in
the mental health landscape. At Baltic
Street, our unrelenting belief is that
life exists beyond the darkness, and
we’re dedicated to empowering individuals
with lived mental health experiences
to illuminate their own paths to recovery.