We transcend the role of an ordinary
organization; we are a beacon of hope
in the expansive mental health landscape.

Our approach, though simple, is transformative: we meet people where they are,
providing empathetic support and dismantling the barriers of stigma.

Baltic Street Wellness Solutions
resonates as the voice of resilience
reminding everyone that they are more
than enough, deserving of love,
respect, and equitable treatment.

With over 25 years of dedication &
advocacy, we lead the way in
policy change, ensuring that
individuals with lived mental health
substance use experiences are heard.

We steadfastly believe in the
existence of hope beyond diagnosis,
and our mission is to empower individuals
with lived mental health experiences
to illuminate their road to recovery.

Leading The Path Of Mental Health Support

Baltic Street Wellness Solutions stands as a trailblazing leader in the realm of mental health support and advocacy, wholeheartedly dedicated to transforming the lives of individuals grappling with mental health challenges. Our unwavering commitment spans over 25 years, propelling us to become the largest peer-led organization in the state, offering an unparalleled and innovative approach to mental health.

Our growth journey is marked by expansion, evolving from one program to an impressive 17, and from a modest team of one full-time and four part-time staff members to a powerhouse of over 100 full-time, part-time, and trainee staff. Today, we proudly claim the title of the largest peer agency in New York State.

At the core of our mission is a resolute commitment to breaking the stigma surrounding mental health, empowering individuals with lived mental health experiences, and providing holistic, person-centered support to guide them on their paths to recovery. We extend comprehensive services in housing, employment, training, entitlements, education, empowerment, and self-help skills, laying the foundation for an independent and meaningful life within the community.

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Advocacy and System Change

Baltic Street stands as a potent catalyst for change within the mental health system. Advocating tirelessly, we champion policy changes that prioritize peer-led services and wholeheartedly recognize the immense value individuals with lived mental health experiences bring to shaping mental health policies and practices. We’re not merely an organization; we’re advocates, actively reshaping the landscape for the benefit of all.

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Advocate For Change

We’re not merely an organization;
we stand as a beacon of hope in
the mental health landscape. At Baltic
Street, our unrelenting belief is that
life exists beyond the darkness, and
we’re dedicated to empowering individuals
with lived mental health experiences
to illuminate their own paths to recovery.