Our mission is clear: to break the stigma
surrounding mental health, empower
individuals with lived mental health experiences

Our approach is simple yet transformative: we meet people where they are,
provide empathetic support, and break down the barriers of stigma.

Our Programs & Services

Creating an environment where individuals feel safe and encouraged to seek help and support. Baltic Street Wellness Solutions is a trailblazer in the mental health industry, pioneering a peer-centered approach that differentiates us from the rest. We meet individuals where they are in their journey, offering a diverse range of peer-led programs that empower participants to navigate their own path to recovery. Our staff, with lived mental health experiences, provide empathetic, caring, and professional support. Unlike any other organization, we emphasize innovation, forward-thinking, and person-centered care. We believe in the power of peers to guide and inspire, transcending traditional barriers in mental health treatment and support.

Advocacy Programs

Advocacy for policy changes that prioritize peer-led services that recognizes the value of individuals with lived mental health experiences.

Bridger Programs

Offers personalized peer-led support services that connects with community agencies to assist participants with achieving their goals.

BalticWORKS Programs

Provides employment services for those who transitioned from an Assisted Competitive Employment model to a Ticket-to-Work Employment Network model.

Housing Programs

Our supported housing programs offer a place of one’s own, a roof over one’s head, a safe place to help tenants lead successful lives within the community and a satisfying home life.

Education Programs

Supporting individuals with mental health lived experience a foundation and path forward in completing college, certification, licensing or vocational degrees.

Wellness Resources

Promoting community inclusion through the use of natural supports & normalized roles where a person can learn to balance the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of their lives.

INSET Programs

Our INSET Program is a source of hope, offering personalized support that breaks traditional boundaries. We build strong ties with the community, connecting people through shared experiences.

Advocate For Change

We’re not merely an organization;
we stand as a beacon of hope in
the mental health landscape. At Baltic
Street, our unrelenting belief is that
life exists beyond the darkness, and
we’re dedicated to empowering individuals
with lived mental health experiences
to illuminate their own paths to recovery.