Introducing BalticWORKS Ticket-to-Work Program

Baltic Street employment services have transitioned from an Assisted Competitive Employment model to a Ticket-to-Work Employment Network model. We rebranded from NetWORKPlus and are now known as Baltic Works. We will still be utilizing evidence-based practices such as the supported employment model known as Individual Placement and Supports. We will describe what these changes mean below.

Services offered by Baltic Works:

  • The newly established Baltic Works Ticket-to-Work program will provide the same essential service that was provided by NetWORKPlus, and more.
  • Baltic Works will help participants set both short-term and long-term employment goals.
  • We will help participants to become work-ready by developing their own resumes, working on interview skills, and providing information about training that will help them to build vocational skills.
  • We will help participants navigate the job search and gain competitive employment within the local community.
  • We will provide follow-along services to help participants maintain employment for up to five years after they have achieved their employment goals.
  • Our certified Social Security Benefits Work Incentives Advisor, Matthew Dolcimascolo, will help participants understand how returning to work affects their benefits.
  • We will provide money management resources such as budgeting education, as well as referrals to free financial counseling.
  • There are some notable changes in eligibility in the transition from an Assisted Competitive Employment model to a Ticket-To-Work Employment Program:
    • Participants must be on either Supplemental Security Income (SSI) or Social Security Disability (SSD) to be eligible for services.
    • Participants must have a goal of making above the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) within three years of obtaining their Ticket-To-Work. SGA is currently $1,220 per month. The goal of Social Security’s Ticket-To-Work program is to help participants onto the road to financial self-sustainability and off benefits.

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