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"My introduction to Baltic Street services was entering S.I. Peer Advocacy for help.  They helped me when I needed it most.  I began working for them to pay it forward.  I've been with them since 2007." –BH
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Baltic Street AEH, Inc. provides services in a partnership between individuals diagnosed with mental illness and peers that have dedicated themselves to empowering and helping individuals accomplish their particular recovery goals. Through our comprehensive self-help and advocacy, bridger, housing, and employment services, our mission is to be part of “the wellness team.” We work to help the recipient develop a community life: an apartment, a job, a support system, a skill, an education or other tasks the individual has identified as their goals toward a satisfactory life.

Baltic Street A.E.H., Inc.
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9201 4th Avenue., 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY, 11209
Tel: 718-833-5929
Fax: 718-833-5930

Eligibility: Services are for adults 18 years or older and are free of charge.