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Our history
In 1996, the work between peers and clinical staff of South Beach Psychiatric Center resulted in our first contract from the NYC Department of Mental Health, which identified us as an independent agency.  People living with mental illness provided services for clients, and a revolution took place: the peer-to-peer model. In our first six years, we expanded from one program to 13 programs (and still growing!), and from one full-time and four part-time staff members to over 100 full-time, part-time and trainee staff.  We are now the largest Peer Agency in New York State. We provide housing, employment, training, entitlements, education, empowerment, and self-help skills, which are essential to an independent and meaningful life in the community. In 2015, we celebrate nineteen years of success by staff and recipients, who now move more freely and confidently in the world.