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“Working at a peer counseling agency has given me meaningful work and some truly great friends. I would prefer to be at work than anyplace else.” –LM
Employment Program
Our unique staff teams of peers and other mental health workers have the dual impact of expertise, mentoring and modeling that give the extra “can do” to “choose — get — keep” work. We emphasize the need for mental health recipients to recognize it is their choice and responsibility to explore options, make informed decisions, act on those decisions and utilize available resources and supports. Individuals discover what job or career is really right for them, and we assist in finding and landing that job and helping them to succeed with our follow-along services. The classes and experiences model confidence, and teach job readiness, resume writing, job search skills, “Maintaining My Wellness”, “WRAP-for-Work”, mock job interviews, work site visits and phone contact as requested. Employment specialists work with you whether you are employed, unemployed, in a job you hate, or in a job you love but want to do better. We are dedicated to reversing the statistic that says those diagnosed with mental illness are greatly underemployed.

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