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"The Bridger Program has given me the most delightful Bridger. She brightens my days every time she visits me. And believe me I need cheering up and calming down, which I always get from her visits"  –AH
Bridger team
Bridger Programs
The Bridger Programs are peer-run self-help programs that give advocacy, information, and hands-on assistance to mental health recipients as they move from the hospital into the community. Bridger staff offers help in self-empowerment and opportunities for peer companionship. We give individual meetings and workshops on the dialogues of hope, recovery and friendship, patients' rights information, help with family supports, and housing needs. Often help with obtaining documents: identification cards; birth certificates; social security cards, legal and immigration referrals, information and resources on SSI, SSD, Medicaid, Medicare, food stamps, reduced fare Metro Cards is crucial to moving to the community. Housing Specialists also provide assistance and referrals to learn to travel, to attend school, to learn a trade or to get a job. We work as a team to be that special bridge that helps our recipients go back to living in the community and develop adequate community connections. We pride ourselves in teaching how to get answers and resources.

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